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Poster campaign for Bazaar, a small language and culture exchange in Baltimore that gathers language enthusiasts in an opportunity to meet and talk with people from different cultures, while sharing delicious food and listening to international music. View full project
I'm passionate about sustainability and I believe in the power of reducing as a solution to overconsumption. This risograph infographic was printed out and posted around MICA's campus.
Cover design for a cookbook compiling recipes from all over the world based on some of my friends' comfort foods.
Extract from the end credits for Vile Minds, a fictional movie based on an equally fictional – and poorly coded – video game created by some friends and me during my first year of college. The game touches upon the topics of hypocrisy and double standards within the criminal justice system in a historical context. The game is currently burning in a garbage can in hell.
"Red, Gold & Green" is a short comic on identity and belonging from the unique perspective of a Spanish-born Iranian. Read it here

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