The Good Life
Mohammad Amirahmadi on Unsplash
How might we reinvent urban public spaces for 21st-century leisure?
Tehran, the capital of Iran, isn’t the first city that comes to mind when thinking about urban public spaces. In fact, Tehran is rather unknown to the average westerner. However, with its modern architecture and snowy mountains, Tehran is a bustling, dynamic city with dozens of venues and green spaces that can be repurposed and reinvented into almost anything.
Although the concept for this edition of the event is purely conceptual, The Good Life, organized by curator Zoë Ryan, took place in the city of Amsterdam in 2006.
"The Good Life: New Public Spaces For Recreation explored how architects, designers, landscape architects, and artists are reinventing urban public spaces to meet the changing needs of 21st-century recreation and leisure. The exhibition made the case that in our increasingly dense cities, recreational and play spaces are vital to achieving healthy and sustainable cities and are at the core of new urban planning and design initiatives."
Since the project brief gave me free rein to base the event in any city in the world, I chose Tehran to get in touch with my roots as a Spanish-born Iranian, but also as a way to get out of my comfort zone. I took the mosaic, one of the most emblematic elements in traditional Iranian art, and give it a modern twist. The main challenge was synthesizing the mosaics, which are quite complex structures, but after that, they were quite easy to integrate into the rest of the design.
The visual identity for the event consists of an urban campaign with post- ers and city-wide advertising, as well as elements to decorate the interior and exterior of Shahre Aftab (Sun City), a multipurpose venue located on the outskirts of Tehran.
The branding included a conceptual website landing page, digital tickets (ever necessary in the COVID and post-COVID era), and merch, all of which incorporate and take advantage of the colorful and playful elements of the brand.

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